Business law: trust in our legal expertise to protect your business!

Whether you are looking for a long-term partnership or one-off advice, Cabinet Barbey is a law firm ready to respond to your needs. We know that you deal with multiple business partners on a daily basis and that it is not always easy to navigate your relationships with them. Whilst contracts and legal documents are essential for the running and development of your business, they are not always easy to decipher, and could expose you to liability. We are here to help!

As a law firm primarily designed to respond to the needs of small businesses, we have a binary approach to our work at Cabinet Barbey. Whilst catering efficiently and professionally to our clients’ immediate needs (drafting contracts or terms and conditions, managing litigation, for example), we simultaneously invest in the strategic well-being and development of their company.  We therefore bring rapid and simple responses, often orally, to legal questions that arise in our clients’ professional lives whilst taking into consideration their ongoing commercial, technical and employment needs. Faced with a complicated commercial relationship or questions surrounding the legal risks of a situation, big companies turn to in-house lawyers for legal advice.

It is just as important that small businesses receive precise answers to their questions. This is a service that we offer. 

We will help you initiate your relationships with…


Your clients

  • Drafting general terms and conditions : general terms and conditions of sale, terms of service, general conditions of use, general conditions of purchase
  • Putting in place personalised contracts to organise your distribution network (distribution, commercial agency, franchise, partnership, business provider, brokerage, mandate/procuration)
  • Putting in place standard model contracts for your business’ routine services and products

Your suppliers

  • Rereading, commenting on and, if necessary, amending the contracts proposed by a commercial partner
  • Protecting you should you become dissatisfied with a product or service
  • Helping you to understand your rights and responsibilities regarding commercial property contracts: commercial leases or precarious occupation agreements
  • Drafting contracts for outsourced activities and services: outsourcing, tolling, manufacturing, industrial subcontracting, maintenance agreements

Your employees

  • Advising you on the most suitable employment contract
  • Verifying the applicable collective agreement
  • Putting in place work schedules which comply with legislation
  • Drafting employment contracts

Your partners or shareholders

  • Advising you on the most appropriate legal structure for your business
  • Putting in place a partnership or a shareholders’ agreement

If your relationship with a partner evolves… 

… we can accompany you in :

  • Renegotiating contracts and putting in place amendments
  • Drafting commercial correspondence and letters of formal notice
  • Managing difficult contractual relationships

If you end a partnership…

…we can help with :

  • Advising on the implementation of strategic conflict management (pre-litigation), with the aim of avoiding litigation
  • Following litigation procedures (disputes relating to contracting parties’ obligations, questions regarding the interpretation of clauses of contracts, debt recovery)
  • Advising you on the appropriate termination of a contract depending on whether the contract is unlimited or limited in duration (termination or annulment)
  • Explaining your rights in the case of the termination of established commercial relationships

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