Drafting legal documents

It can be advantageous to have a model contract which is specifically adapted to your professional activity. This enables the swift and effective implementation of certain conditions with business partners, ensuring successful business relationships and avoiding litigation. These conditions are determined by the client on the basis of their activity and their interests.

For those involved in the distribution of medical devices, at the very least it is beneficial to have model general conditions of sale, if not a model contract for the sale of the product. This enables the client to ensure that certain conditions play in their favor, such as the right to withdraw, product guarantees and return conditions. Naturally, these conditions need to protect the seller against late returns.

With regards to service providers, the goal is to protect their know-how, minimising their exposure to liability when a project cannot be finished in the agreed timeframe, often times when their client has delayed in providing the necessary elements to the project.

Realistically, every situation and every business requires its own personalised model contract. Our goal at Cabinet Barbey is to recommend the most suitable contract.

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