Founded in 2011 by Astrid Barbey, Cabinet Barbey works in the world of business, focusing on three main areas of practice:

Our ambitions : to anticipate future disputes, to enable our clients to go about their business with peace of mind and to offer personalised legal advice, no matter the issue. Whether your questions are about the daily life of your company, which may be able to be answered over the phone, or your needs are more complex and require written responses, there are many reasons to get in touch with our team!

“My priority is to accompany the executives of small businesses in their one-off or ongoing legal matters. Four years ago I created a law firm with the very same ambition. Unsuitable legal decisions affect the long-term stability of small businesses more than that of any other type of business.

With experience in England and France in international law firms FTPA and Baker & McKenzie, and having worked in-house for pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, I have developed a dual approach to business law, that of a lawyer and of an internal decision-maker. This, combined with my knowledge of the health sector, is what we offer our clients; a uniqueness which allows us to respond pertinently to every client’s needs. We take time to understand the reality of their field and their long-term goals. Our ethos is to develop a custom-made legal strategy for and with each of our clients.

My job is to be available and ready to advise clients, to build close, long-lasting professional relationships and to help our clients to make the best decisions for their business. More than simply a specialised law-firm, we intend to be strategic and responsive partners to businesses that place their trust in us.”

Maître Astrid BarbeyFounder of Cabinet Barbey (admitted to the Paris Bar)

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