Litigation and prelitigation management by our law firm

Even when precautions have been taken, disputes with a commercial partner remain possible.

Disputes needs to be managed from the first signs of conflict. The quicker they are handled, respecting the legal rules applicable and taking into account all existing agreements, the greater the chances of a quick resolution.

Often the first step is a detailed letter of formal notice. If this does not suffice, Cabinet Barbey advises on other options to ensure that our clients are in the strongest position possible during negotiations. For example, a judge can allow the freezing of assets without the opposing party being informed which in turn puts pressure on their trading partners.

Those running a business have a range of solutions at their fingertips when managing a dispute, and the approach must be determined strategically: do you need more time or does this need to be resolved quickly? Depending on whether you are paying or retaining money, the response will not be the same.

Services provided by our firm :

Our law firm provides four distinct services :