Proofreading legal documents

Cabinet Barbey can reread, comment on, and propose modifications to contracts, letters and all other legal documents.
Business partners often propose biased contracts or legal documents. Having the document proofread by a lawyer is often the best way to ensure that you are as protected as your partner.
When signing a commercial lease for example, it is important to know how to interpret clauses relative to rent indexation so that landlords do not put themselves in disproportionally beneficial position. There are many potential pitfalls!
Indeed when a business intends to distribute products from a foreign supplier, it is important to agree upon the applicable law and competent jurisdiction. Defending yourself in Paris and Berlin are two very different things!
Cabinet Barbey can explain the consequences of the drafted documents submitted for proofreading and can recommend an alternative, more beneficial, draft. We do this without forgetting that the purpose of the task at hand is to conclude the contract, enabling your business to grow, as opposed to penalising the conclusion of the proceedings.

Services provided by our firm :

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